Avent manual vs medela swing replacement

Bottles, Breast Pump, Pacifiers. I had decided before I went to Babies r us yesterday but then while my husband and I were browsing at the store two different parents ( they had kids already - one man and one woman) gave us some advice I am so confused as to which pump & bottles to go with! Both have various packs and I' m trying to decide which is best - BabyCenter Australia. The Avent bottles leaked all the time, but I didn' t mind cause all I had to do was loosen and adjust nipple then re tighten again.

I attach my Medela Swing ( by nursing bra, ensuring tight attachment) on my left ( which is the super producer breast, hoping that Swing will be able to extract decent amount of milk) and use Avent on my right breast. I haven' t used the Avent electric, but I' ve used the manual. Here’ s how I do it. I did love it but never knew better at all. ( the neck of the bottle doesn' t fit onto the pump tho) I' ve heard more things about medela, so that' s who I' d have to go with. Medela, Medela, Medela!

Medela breast pump & bottles Vs. : Okay, I am only 3 months pregnant right now, but I know that I am going to attempt breastfeeding. I used to pump with the medela, and have my milk collect into the Avent bottles. Medela vs Avent breast pump etc: Hi everyone I' d like to know your opinions on both electric breast pump and bottles. I own the avent manual and the medela pump in style.
I like the medela. With my first Child I used Avent everything. I want to make sure that I have a manual breast pump before baby arrives in case I need it.

In my pumping routine, I use Avent Isis manual breast pump and Medela Swing simultaneously. Avent manual vs medela swing replacement. Avent pump & bottles: Hi ladies, I am so confused as to which breast pump to buy. Medela Harmony vs Avent Manual Breast Pump?